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Stylish and Sophisticated Groomsmen Gifts Any Guy Can Appreciate

July 10, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

All of the planning and preparation you’ve done for your wedding has been draining. You’re ironing out the last few details for your special day and realize you have one more task you need to finish – saying “thank you” to your groomsmen. They’ve been a great deal of support in helping you to plan, and keeping you out of the bride’s hair when it mattered most. Handing out gifts at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding is a common way to show how much you appreciate them being in your corner. Here are some stylish and sophisticated groomsmen gifts to consider:

groomsmen watches groomsmen watches

No smartphone or mobile device will ever outdo the timelessness of a watch. You can opt to get them a fancy watch that matches their attire for the wedding ceremony, or you can purchase sportier watches that are great for everyday wear. A plus is how good the matching groomsmen gifts will look in the wedding photos!

groomsmen gift idea groomsmen gift idea groomsmen gift idea

If you’ve got a group of guys who love to “work hard and play harder”, flasks are a great gesture. You can even take it a step further and have them engraved with their names, role in the wedding, and/or personal messages of appreciation.

groomsmen gift ideas groomsmen gift
Alcohol and Spirits

Since we’re on the subject of partying hard, another gift all of your groomsmen can appreciate is booze. Expensive bottles can be placed on display or used for special occasions, while less expensive bottles can be enjoyed while you get ready for the special day, during their own downtime or during a game.

pocket knife
Pocket Knives

Is your team of friends the outdoorsy or craftsman type? If so, pocket knives can be a handy way to say thanks. Great for camping, fishing, opening boxes, and a ton of other things, your guys will get good use out of this gift. As you can see here, the groom even had them customized with their names for a personal touch.

groomsmen socks groomsmen socks groomsmen socs

Every guy could use an extra pair of socks, especially some fun ones. A playful gift you can get your groomsmen are socks to go with their wedding-day attire. You can choose color schemes and patterns that match the bridesmaids, or you can opt for something like their favorite sports team or superhero. For groomsmen who almost always are wearing boring suit and ties, this is a great way to accessorize and add a personal touch!

cufflinks cufflinks cufflink

You can further unify your groomsmen and their fashion by purchasing cufflinks for everyone. They are a great addition to your suits and ties, and can also be worn later, in the office or for other special occasions. You can go traditional with a minimalist black or silver, or you can opt for different shapes, letters, and styles to suit their personalities.

Your groomsmen rock, and are sometimes your rock through the wedding planning process. They’ve supported you through one of the most meaningful times in your life. It’s only right that you give a little thanks. Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration on the best options for your groomsmen gifts.

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