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I’m Engaged! Now What?

November 27, 2023 | Posted in Weddings

I’m ENGAGED! Now what?


First thing’s first, congratulations on your engagement!!

Beginning the wedding planning process can seem very overwhelming, so the Atlantis Ballroom team is here to help you get started and guide you through the process.


Let’s start with the basics:


  1. Celebrate your Engagement!

Some people tend to begin planning before their partner even gets down on one knee. Although we understand your excitement, we encourage you to be present in the moment and enjoy your new relationship status before rushing into planning. Round up some family and friends for a celebratory drink or have a special date night with your new fiancé. After all, an engagement is something worth toasting!

bride showing off her engagement ring

  1. Select a Wedding Date.

You don’t necessarily need an exact date but start with a range such as Spring 2025 or October 2024. Having a range will give you flexibility when it comes to touring venues. If you have an exact date in mind, select a back-up option as well. The most desirable dates tend to get booked far in advance.


  1. Decide on a Budget.

It’s very important to have a budget before booking venues and vendors. Your budget will help you decide which venues are the most affordable for you. But don’t worry – the venues will work with you as best they can. Certain days of the week are cheaper than others such as Sunday or Thursday. Determine your budget with your fiancé and include families if necessary. Remember to stick to your budget throughout the entire process!


  1. Determine your Wedding Size.

Whether you’re going big or keeping it small, it’s important to discuss this as a couple and include family input if necessary. You don’t need an exact number, a small range will do, such as 75-100 or 150-200. This information will be needed to commit to a venue because the cost directly correlates to the number of guests. Some venues (like us) have two ballroom options depending on the size of your event.

bride and bridesmaids posed in the snow

  1. Select your Wedding Venue.

Now for the fun part – begin researching wedding venues online or through social media (check us out on Instagram and TikTok). Create a list of the ones that catch your eye and try to narrow it down to 3-4 venues, so you aren’t overwhelmed. Schedule your tours and prepare any questions you may have. Be sure to write down notes or take photos. This will be helpful when making that final decision!


  1. Choose your Vendors.

Once you booked your venue and secured your date, start thinking about vendors (photographers, DJ/band, florist, hair/makeup, etc.). This is another area where you’ll want to do your research. Look at these vendors’ websites, portfolios, and social media pages to get an idea of their work. If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask your venue for their recommendations or preferred vendor lists.

the atlantis ballroom set for a wedding

These steps are a guide to help get you started. The wedding planning process can be stressful at times, so make sure to set time aside to relax. Here at the Atlantis Ballroom, our Catering Sales Team acts as your personal wedding planners. Leave the stress to us!


Schedule your personal tour today! Contact us at [email protected] or (732) 731-8000.


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