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Planning a Wedding When Your Partner Has Different Tastes

May 6, 2020 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

There are some couples that are fine with the bride planning the entire wedding giving the groom a few instructions on where to be and what to wear. Other couples are able to plan a wedding together from start to finish without an issue. Then, there are those couples with completely different ideas of what they want their wedding to look like and the differences in tastes make the wedding planning process stressful. If you happen to be the ladder, you’ll find this advice to be a lifesaver. 

couple talking

couple talking

Find Compromise

Start by writing down your ideas for the wedding separately. Then, come together to find a compromise. If you want a classy wedding and your husband wants to incorporate his favorite sports team, find creative ways to implement sports into your wedding without sacrificing class. If you want red and white and your husband wants gray and blue, one of you sacrifice one option and go with red and blue, white and gray. 

wedding checklist

wedding checklist

Divide Wedding Checklist

Another way to plan a wedding when the two of you have different tastes would be to divide the wedding checklist. If you want to be in charge of wedding and reception decorations then allow your partner to be in charge of deciding on a reception menu and cocktails. This way, you’re both doing your part in the planning process without causing any conflict. 

wedding planner

wedding planner

Hire a Wedding Planner

If the two of you are still having a hard time putting both of your ideas for the wedding together without conflict, perhaps you need to hire a professional. A wedding planner is trained to take your visions and bring them together as one. They’ll listen to both of you and try to help you with planning a wedding that meets or exceeds both of your desires. 


Planning a wedding is stressful by itself. Don’t allow something like a difference in style and tastes cause conflict at a time when the two of you should be blissfully in love. Use the above-suggested advice to try and ease the tension and work together to create a wedding day that both of you are pleased with. 


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