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Major Details Your Wedding Caterer Should Know

October 19, 2018 | Posted in Events, Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

Selecting a wedding caterer isn’t as easy as you might imagine. It requires a bit more effort and research than simply tasting great food and choosing your main courses. As the food is a big part of your wedding reception, the very thing that brings families together, it is ultimately necessary for you to give the caterer details that will allow them to create dishes that compliment your wedding and encompass who you are as a couple. To give your guests more than great food, but a true experience, here are some major details you don’t want to forget to tell the caterer.



Personal Preferences, Experiences
A wedding caterer’s job is to create dishes that you will enjoy. As food can evoke emotions, memories, and conversation, letting them know about your personal experiences is a must. Share stories of your favorite childhood meals, your parent’s most famous recipes, your favorite type of cuisine or restaurant, the first meal you ate as a couple, anything that will help them add more meaning to your day.

kid-friendly foods kid-friendly foods
Children in Attendance
Telling your wedding caterer how many people are planning to be in attendance is a given, but don’t forget to tell them how many of those guests are children. Children are often very picky eaters and caterers can appeal to their palettes if they’re aware. For instance, they may have children’s meals at the ready in place of the more sophisticated adult entrees.

Tuscany table Tuscany table beet salad butternut squash
Special Health or Religious Dietary Needs
Here’s a big one. Wedding caterers absolutely need to know about any and all religious or health dietary needs. For example, someone who is inviting Jewish guests might need kosher food. If your child is allergic to gluten or nuts, you’d need foods that don’t contain these ingredients. If your mom has decided to be vegan, you’ll need options for her. The sooner the caterer is made aware of this, the better they can prepare for your guests. Be aware that most allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated, especially if the caterer is informed in advance, however there is always a slight chance of cross contamination in all commercial kitchens.

So, as you’re meeting with wedding caterers, be sure to bring up these three major points. You want to make sure they’re equipped to handle all of you and your guests’ needs. Then, you can try the delicious meal options and allow your stomach to make the final decision.

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